I am honored to invite you to the semi-annual meeting(SAM) of KGOG. I sincerely thank all of you for your interest and participation despite the COVID-19 storm.

Conducting patients in an environment where they make a new diagnosis of gynecologic cancer and treat them, we are making continued efforts to discover novel information about gynecologic oncology. Through the efforts of researchers, especially through clinical trials, innovations that directly influence patients via diagnosis, treatment, and remission are being developed.

This research society, KGOG, not only leads and participates research studies but also collaborates with leading international research institutes (NRG, GCIG) for the advancement of gynecologic cancer research worldwide. Also, KGOG continue to conduct KJ collaboration meeting with JGOG for joint research. The day before the SAM, the KJ meeting will take place in the form of a virtual meeting. Furthermore, we are going to establish a foundation named EAGOT for collaboration to bring together the 4 representative countries of East Asia (South Korea, China, Taiwan, and Japan) in one place to promote research in this region.

In gynecologic oncology, as in other fields, the fact that meaningful results from research lead to advances in both the scientific community and the medical community, and ultimately also benefit patients, is a truth that we as researchers all know and is what motivates us.

Considering the abundance of clinical information, we hope that through research networking we can facilitate your brilliant ideas becoming results. As KGOG, we are continually working to ensure that executives, members, and CRA can create ideas, organically connect with experts, and secure research funding.

In the future at any point in time, researchers interested in participating in or conducting research should not hesitate to contact KGOG so that we can provide you foundational support to facilitate your clinical research becoming a reality.

Thank you.


We thank and welcome the various members who attended this semi-annual meeting (SAM) of KGOG despite the tough era of COVID19.

This SAM was prepared to the extension of the changed format and content at the last SAM. We have prepared a workshop for each committee individually, focusing on the approved studies in development and the progress of proposed studies. We also have prepared special sessions for promising new studies, ask for your interest. Thank you to the chairs, co-chairs, secretaries, and members of each committee for preparing and presenting each committee workshop held simultaneously in a total of 5 rooms.

Although some committees cannot participate in this SAM, and there may be error and inconvenience, we hope that this SAM will serve as an opportunity for the studies of KGOG to advance one step further.

Thank you.